Marvin Kopp


My career

With the age of 16 (in 2012) I discovered my passion for music. So I started to play the piano and to write music for several projects. Mostly for short films and video games. My most famous projekt is the soundtrack for the game "Enderal - The Shards of Order" for which i contributed more than 4 hours of music so far.

In 2013, I won the only talent stipendium at the SET in Berlin (School of Entertainment and Technology) for the course "media composition" That helped me to further develop my skills and to get in touch with other musicians and composers as well.

Since then I continued to write music amongst others for the short film " The Lost Ones" directed by Dima Lochmann and the indie game "Into the Belly of the Beast" by the company "Lucky Brograms". I started to play the Violin as well and to extend my knowledge about sheet music as well. After the Release of the Enderal soundtrack in 2016 I decided to provide sheet music for some of my pieces, so I rearranged them for piano.